Epinette Creek Trail System

  • Sandhill Prairie - Photo by Derrick Enns
Location: Spruce Woods Provincial Park
Difficulty: Moderate
Distance: 41.7km return
Ecosystem types: Mixed-grass Prairie, Savanna, Sandhills

The Epinette Creek Trail system is a looped backcountry trail in the northern portion of Spruce Woods Provincial Park. It follows Epinette Creek through rolling sandhills and is made up of a number of shorter trails including the Spruce, Juniper, Tamarack and Newfoundland Trails.

A number of cabins, including the Jackfish Lake Cabin, can be found along its length.

More information: Spruce Woods Provincial Park Website

Trail data submitted by Derrick Enns. Trail mapped by Cary Hamel and Stefano Becker.