About the Project

Where do you want to hike today?

With some of the most scenic and accessible hiking trails across the Prairies, Manitobans have the opportunity to easily learn about the natural history of our province and explore true wilderness. For those without an intimate knowledge of the province’s trail system, it is difficult to discover new areas to explore. The Manitoba Trails Project aims to gather information about all Manitoba hiking trails in one place, so you can easily decide where your next adventure will be.

The goal of the project is to promote exploration of our natural areas through increased awareness and usage of recreational trails in Manitoba. The project embraces the idea of open data and encourages the public to get involved. Trail information will be collected in part by, and made freely available to, all of Manitoba's residents and visitors.

Help us build the project by adding your favorite trail route, photos and descriptions. Only have photos? That's fine, we can take care of the rest! To submit trails data, visit the Contribute Trail Data page. If you are interested in utilizing project data, visit the Download Content page. 

Happy exploring!

Funding for the Manitoba Trails Project was provided in part by a grant awarded to the project at the 2016 Prairie Conservation and Endangered Species Conference, which was funded and organized by the Saskatchewan Prairie Conservation Action Plan (PCAP).

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