Oak Ridge Trail

  • Oak Ridge Trail - Photo by Rebekah Neufeld
Location: Riding Mountain National Park
Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 3.1 (Short Loop)/6.4 km (Long Loop)
Ecosystem types: Oak Forest, Mixedwood Forest, Creek, Shale Cliffs

Located along the East Escarpment in Riding Mountain National Park, this trail is great for a relaxing hike with its wide, flat, grassy path.  Most of the trail winds through a beautiful Oak Forest, giving way to Paper Birch and Spruce where the path hugs the steep slopes of the Scott Creek valley wall.  This hike provides glimpses of the forested slopes, exposed shale cliffs and valley bottom of the escarpment, before looping away from the cliffs as it passes through small grassland patches and more woodlands.

More information: Riding Mountain National Park Trail Guide

Trail Data Submitted by Rebekah Neufeld and Philip Varcoe