Narcisse Snake Dens Trail

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Location: Narcisse Wildlife Management Area
Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 2.9km
Ecosystem types: Aspen Forest, Karst Features, Grassland

This easy walk in the central Interlake is famous for supporting the largest known congregation of snakes in the world. Red-sided Garter Snakes emerge from their winter dens in the Spring to a mating frenzy in the sinkholes scattered along the trail. Keep your eyes open for tangled mating balls, which occur when numerous male snakes fight to mate with single, large females. Although most snakes are concentrated within the dens themselves, others can be found slithering around the trails and forests in the area. 

Best time to visit the trail is during the first few weeks of May, updates are listed at the link below. The trail winds through low aspen forest and grassland, so prepare for high exposure to sun. A large parking lot is located at the start of the trail, but parking on the weekend often spills onto the adjacent provincial road.

Updates on the status of the dens are provided by the good people at NatureNorth

More information: Manitoba Sustainable Development: Narcisse Wildlife Management Area

Trail data submitted by Matteo Becker