McGillivray Falls Self-guiding Trail

  • McGillivray Creek - Photo by Cecilia Brown
Location: Whiteshell Provincial Park
Difficulty: Moderate
Distance: 2.8km (short loop)/4.6km (long loop)
Ecosystem types: Boreal Shield, Jack Pine forest, Rapids

The McGillivray Falls Self-guiding Trail offers a beautiful walk through the boreal shield. After a short scramble up the rapids of McGillivray Creek, the trail takes you through various forest types and along Jack Pine dominated rocky outcrops. A beautiful view from above the creek and its associated floodplain is only a short (but moderately difficult) walk from the trailhead. Those looking for a more challenging hike can take the long loop back to the parking lot, which stops at the side of the scenic McGillivray Lake.

More information: Parks and Protected Spaces Trail Guide

Trail data submitted by Cecilia Brown