Marshs Lake Self-guiding Trail

  • Trail - Photo by Rebekah Neufeld
Location: Spruce Woods Provincial Park
Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 1.5km
Ecosystem types: Riparian Woodlands, Eastern Deciduous Forest, Lakeshore, Marsh, Mixedwood Forest

This short loop take you along the banks of Marshs Lake, a small oxbow lake that was once a part of the Assiniboine River. The trail is wide, flat and grassy in most places, and a small boardwalk provides access to a point bar island. In only a short span, the communities shift from Eastern Deciduous forest with basswood trees, ferns and twining grapes, to oak and spruce forest, to willow stands and marshy lakeshore. The trail and picnic area is also a popular fishing spot.

More information: Parks and Protected Spaces - Spruce Woods Provincial Park

Trail map, data and photos submitted by Rebekah Neufeld