Gorge Creek Trail

  • Creek - Photo by Rebekah Neufeld
Location: Riding Mountain National Park
Difficulty: Difficult
Distance: 6.4km (one way)
Ecosystem types: Aspen Hardwoods, Mixed-wood forest, Streams, Shale cliffs, Oak Woodlands

This trail follows a deep gorge cut into the Manitoba escarpment. The hike takes you through aspen and mixed-wood forests, along and over small streams  and along steep shale slopes that give endless views of tree covered slopes and a glimpse of the Manitoba Lake Plain.  Wooden stairs, a small bridge and rope guides help with the steep ascents/descents on portions of the trail. Poison Ivy is abundant and the trail can be muddy during wet periods.

More information: Riding Mountain National Park Trail Guide

Trail data submitted by Rebekah Neufeld